In the time honored tradition of the ‘Net – here you will find more info about me, my bands, friends, and partners in crime.

My main band is Offbeats. We have been together since 1987 – a genuine overnight success (though we are still waiting for the limo to show up.) We play what we call Rock n Ska. We are not to be confused with other bands named Offbeats that we have been mistakenly sorted in with in I-Tunes.  Offbeats web site   We have two CDs out and may be playing in a venue near you – though we primarily play in the SF Bay area.

The Bassist’s Bible is the book I spent the better part of a decade writing – now in it’s 2nd Edition. It really does describe “How to Play Every Bass Style from Afro-Cuban to Zydeco.” It has the history of each of the 25 styles and sub-styles along with over 400 written examples in both Standard notation and TABs. It also has nearly 200 audio examples (you can only get 99 tracks on a CD) and nearly 100 Video examples (and 99 tracks on a DVD.) It is available all over the place, but, sadly, not at Guitar Center yet. (Please ask them for it.) The Bassist’s Bible Site

The Drummer’s Bible is the companion book to my book. It has many of the same features as mine and if you play drums or have a drummer or even just want to learn about rhythms and styles this is the book you want. The Drummer’s Bible Site

Both books are published by See Sharp Press which is run by my co-author Chaz Buffe who is an awesome guitarist in his own rite. His publishing company has other music books as well as Sci Fi and Political and Educational books. The SeeSharp Press site