I have been producing videos for my bands since the late 80’s, initially using professional Hi-8 and SVHS based tape editing machines. I began using Adobe Premiere in the mid 90’s.

I produced over 100 videos for my book, initially as a way of promoting my book online. As these videos became a feature of the 2nd Edition I authored the DVD for the printed book using Adobe Encore and created a demo version of my e-Book with embedded video examples for my publisher. The e-Book has since been converted and became generally available in 2014.

I built a DIY I-Pad based teleprompter and began using that in my newer promo videos to explain different ways to use my book for teaching. I am now starting to use After Effects.

Video and Audio Software

Video: Adobe Premiere, Encore, After Effects, Encore, Media Encoder
Audio: Apple Logic, Adobe Audition, Ableton Live