My book: The Bassists’s Bible, first published in 2009, is now in it’s second edition. This guide to popular bass styles offers over 400 written examples in standard musical notation and tablature and provides overviews of the history and development of almost all popular music styles. It includes two audio CDs containing nearly 200 recorded examples as well as nearly 100 video examples on DVD. In an effort to make this book as accurate as possible I submitted chapters for review to world class bassists such as Ron Carter (Miles Davis) and Paul Jackson (Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters) who graciously assisted me. Bass Player magazine favorably reviewed my book shortly after the first edition was released.

After the first edition was published I began a marketing campaign; creating the companion website and video examples shot in my own studio and published them on Youtube. As the Youtube channel gained popularity (currently with upwards of 85,000 views and nearly 200 subscribers).

For the second edition I finished nearly 100 video examples and authored the DVD using Adobe Encore, as well as converting all 400 written examples to Tablature and updating the entire book and extending the length of the audio tracks. The second edition is also available as an eBook with embedded video and audio tracks.

Blogging:To support the Second Edition I began a blog exploring related topics in more depth. The posts range from individual bass styles to my own history as a bassist and specific aspects of musicianship.